As part of the floorsense installation process, the location of each floorsense device must be captured against its actual installed location on the site floorplan.

The supplied floorsense/floorsight hardware has been supplied preconfigured with a radio channel (zone) assignment for a given floor, but withoutany desk assignment. This means initially the hardware can be installed at any desk within the radio zone which is either colour coded or printed on the base of the unit.

Capturing the location where a floorsense device will be installed is best done in batches immediately prior to fitting into/under desks. This will save crawling under desks later

High Level Requirements

  • Floorplan with the desk locations numbered. This is provided by the floorsense reseller
  • Android phone meeting the requirements setout below
  • Invitation to edit a Google Sheet – this is a URL link sent by Floorsense Ltd to the reseller, who in turn forwards on to the installer(s).

Android Phone Requirements

  • Android version 5.0 or later
  • Internet connectivity to the phone (3/4G or WIFI)
  • Front facing Camera
  • Google Sheets App installed (free from Google Play)
  • Email client installed or web email (so installer can receive the URL link to Google Sheets)
  • “Barcode and QR Code Keyboard Pro” App - $3.59 from Google Play Store. Link below:

Video of Process: