If lock unit is intermittently opening, or has some other issue, then assuming the door can be opened (by force, by popping hinges or by using the mechanical release slot on the front of the lock if its visible), then the lock unit can be replaced via the process in the linked video. The replaced lock retains the locker ID of the previous faulty lock including any associated reservations.

Smartalock Replacement Video

At a high level the process is:

1) login to admin interface on the kiosk iPad (double tap centre, enter pin code on black screen)

2) On the "Lockers" tab select the lock that is faulty and set it to Disabled

3) Press Refresh button (top centre)

4) On the Hardware Test tab, select the locker from the list of disabled lockers, and then tap "Replace Unit"

The screen on the kiosk will now indicate it is scanning for a new lock unit to be introduced into the network.

5) remove the faulty unit and replace with new unit - using the same cables

6) On the kiosk screen it will ask to confirm the replacement unit

7) Process is complete, exit out from Admin mode on the screen.