If the site has power, the Smartalock Unlock box can be used to open all the doors on a locker bank that are connected to a single controller. Replace the controller in the cabling chain with the unlock box and all the doors will automatically open. Follow the instruction sheet downloadable below.

If there is a building power outage and all locker doors need to be opened but the Smartalock system has no power then the Unlock box can be powered via an external 24V PoE battery. The battery powered unlock box can then be attached to the locker bank at each section of the cable chain where a PoE injector is in order to open all the locker doors. 

The Smartalock unlock box is provided to the administrator or facilities manager at the time of system handover. Alternatively Smartalock resellers also carry unlock boxes if it cannot be found. See the list of Smartalock resellers at www.smartalock.com

Physical access to each locker bank is required to attach the Unlock box.

The attached guide shows how to use the Unlock box when the site has power or no power.