The attached 1 page A3 documents provides a simple guide for cabling up the Smartalock system components. Note the v2 System is used in solutions sold after March 2017.

Smartalock Lockers are installed as a daisy chain, with the Controller at the start of the chain connecting to “Locker 1” and  then Locker 1 connects to Locker 2 and so on until the end of the chain where the last locker is connected. The last locker should have its cable run ready to connect to further locker even though it is not connected. Depending on the distance between the locker doors, different pre-made cable lengths are supplied with the Smartalock lock units.

Every 12 lockers additional power is needed, so an Rj45 cable joiner needs to be inserted into the chain so an additional PoE injector can be installed. - for example between locker 12 and locker 13. Note that this cable joiner has only Data wires inside, so stops power from going between different segments of lockers.

The v2 system has an optional A/B switch installed between the controller and a splitter connecting to the first PoE injector and Locker1. This A/B Switch is used to switch between normal operation and emergency unlock all the lockers.