15:30 NZST We have resolved the "OIDC Connect Provider Error - Error in Handling Response Type" error seen by some customers after being redirected to their SSO provider. If you are still seeing this error please contact us at support@smartalock.com 

14:00 NZST. Some customers are still receiving an error "OIDC Connect Provider Error - Error in Handling Response Type". We have replicated this issue and are working on a resolution. Next update 15:00 NZST.

13:00 NZST. We believe the issue has been resolved for all current customers. If you still have an issue with Single Sign On not redirecting when logging into your floorsense / Smartalock admin portal URL, please open a ticket by sending an email to support@smartalock.com 

12:00 NZST We are investigating issues with SSO Authentication for admin users trying to login to their floorsense / smartalock Portal. The issue has been replicated and a fix is in progress. No end user services are affected. A further update will be provided in 60 minutes

Root Cause:

A firewall change blocked authentication redirection from proxied Admin portal SSO redirections coming from 1 API gateway within API gateway cluster hosted in AWS AU. NZ and SG API gateways were not impacted. The firewall change was remediated to include all API gateways in cluster.